Mentor process & techniquewith Michael Reid


Addressing ALL the elements of life

Most of the mentorship packages address all the elements of life - because nothing works in isolation. Finances, Emotions, Physical and mental health, relationships, spirituality. I prioritise what is most important according to your assessment and work to discover your blind spots, your strengths, weaknesses, and as your mentor, I work to move you in to alignment with your true self. 


The Unique Proven Techniques by Michael

Everyone is unique. Our time together will uncover that. My experience has taught me human nature and with over 10 years of coaching experience and deep research, we dive deep into what works for the human spirit. The uniqueness of this mentorship programme is the wide range of scientifically backed methods we use. If not scientifically backed, it is truly spiritually backed and you experience the difference yourself.  Michael's techniques include: Subconscious Mind Exercise and training, Goal Setting, Mental Rewiring, Mindfulness, Innate Visualisation Engineering , Positive psychology. 
I help my clients to identify their core values, set boundaries, review belief systems, and passions, and then use this information to create a personalised plan of action that is tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.


Your unique mentor plan

We design the mentoring plan to suit each individual based on where you are in your life journey. We set goals, then we begin immediately. Me and my team are progress focused, I aim for all my clients to see results from day one, I know how it feels to need change and being ready to make the first step needs to be rewarding for you, so we make sure it is so. 


You have my support

As your mentor, I am with you all the way through. I like to keep in close contact with my mentees, as I watch over your progress and see how you are growing, how your behaviour is changing and where you need pushing. My policy is honesty and inspiration - this is what I give to you.  


Growth and Clarity is the aim 

Every month we review your progress and growth. This is very important so we see we are in the right direction and you are happier, able to enjoy and take control of your life, your universe more. We can measure this in various ways but the aim is always for the difference to be greatly impacting your life it'll be obvious to you either way. 

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