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Join Online Fitness Classes!

Training at home is no less effective than in the gym! Train with us wherever you are and whatever are your goals.

  • Best Instructors

    Our coaches are happy to conduct training sessions online. Each instructor is responsible for one type of training.

  • Different programs

    Don't feel like stretching today? Choose slow yoga classes, functional training or anything else!

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    Nice Prices

    HOMEFIT classes are cheaper than a gym membership. You can pay for each session for the entire program at once.

How to start

Start Home Training Today!

Only four easy steps to the body of your dreams:


Pick a program

HOMEFIT experts can help you make the right choice.


Make a payment

We accept all types of payments, round the clock.


Get an invitation

You will be invited to a private live stream on our Youtube channel.


Start training

Trust us, the ill-disguised result will not be long in coming!

Go online!

HOMEFIT Programs are a Good Choice!

 No one is looking at you No hidden fees Not a day without result

Spend 30-60 minutes a day and get in shape with our specially designed training techniques!

Our Classes

Take Your Pick


Pilates & Yoga

A combined program for stretching and strengthening muscles.



A set of exercises to increase strength, endurance, burn body fat.


Children's Programs

Home sessions designed specifically for children and their parents.


Pregnancy Fitness

A special set of safe and easy exercises for pregnant women willing to stay in shape. 


Fitness for Seniors

A set of physical activities for seniors who want to look great and stay healthy.

Choose your program and plan

15 Types of Classes 

Multi-level group classes


$35 / session

Online group classesTwo sessions per weekLow intensity

One-on-one classes for beginners

miscellaneous101 expandline

$65 / session

Introductory training for freeTwo sessions per weekSpecial program for beginners

12-classes package for any level 

$350 / package

2 group sessions per week1 individual training per weekPersonalized nutrition plan

Multi-level group classes

$30 / session

WhatsApp group chatTwo sessions per weekTwo instructors

One-on-one classes for beginners

$60 / session

Flexible scheduleYour trainer is always in touchCustomized program

12-classes package for any level 


$300 / month

2 group sessions per week1 individual training per weekPersonalized nutrition plan 

Fitness group classes

$50 / session

Exercises by periods of pregnancy2 sessions per weekPreparation for the childbirth

One-on-one fitness trainings

miscellaneous 61 final

$65 / session

Customized programFlexible scheduleBreathwork techniques

Program for postpartum period

$450 / month

3 group classes per week 2 individual classes per weekPersonalized nutrition plan

For children from 5 years old

Asset 6

$20 / session

Easy and funny exercises Special Kids & Parents programTwo sessions per week 

For children from 10 years old

$30 / session

Gymnastics for childrenStretchingTwo sessions per week

For teens 15-17 years old

$250 / month

Weight routineThree sessions per weekWhatsApp group chat

Basic group classes by age


$30 / session

Two classes per weekBalance & flexibility exercisesModerate aerobic activity

One-on-one senior program

$50 / session

Personalized nutrition planYour trainer is always in touchFlexible schedule

Group program for older adults

$350 / month

Two classes per weekYour trainer is always in touchGentle and light-paced activity

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Watch our video

Yoga for the Beginners

We offer a free introductory video for everyone who wants to start doing yoga but is afraid that he doesn't have a knack for it.

Helping you fo further

Our Instructors

Each of our trainers has vast experience in fitness classes for children and adults.


Alice Fergusson

Fitness expert


Dan WilliamsonPilates expert


Jane Kellen

Yoga expert

Always in your pocket

HOMEFIT App Is Now Available

All data on classes in your gadget!

The HOMEFIT mobile application is an individual training plan, live streams, weekly nutrition plans and much more! Make your classes even easier and more convenient!



What Our Clients Say

We are glad that we were able to help so many people!

I don’t have time to go to the gym. Work, family, children, you know... But I always wanted to be in good shape! HOMEFIT coaches help me with that and I already see results.


Liz Wenner, 33 y.o.

December 28, 2019

HOMEFIT sessions really work! For three months of training, I've lost 10 kilograms! Trainers explain, motivate and help to correct mistakes very well during the exercises.


David Pelsner, 40 y.o.

January 12, 2020

I used to go to the gym, but it was uncomfortable for me to exercise when dozens of eyes were looking at me. Now I train online at home, and the results are no worse than in the gym.


Catherine Falcon, 24 y.o.

February 02, 2020

My daughter has long wanted to start training. We decided to try online fitness classes. We train together, according to a special program for children and parents. And we really like it, both of us!


Mary Olsen, 35 y.o.

April 04, 2020

Start NOW!

Shed Excess Pounds With a Personalized Plan!

Contact us right now, and our fitness experts will create a FREE personal training program and nutrition plan for you!

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Popular Questions About Online Fitness

Everything you always wanted to now about online training but were afraid to ask.

Who can sign up for an online fitness program?

HOMEFIT offers programs for men and women of any age. We also offer fitness classes for children, older adults, and pregnant women.

How can I join the training? Do you have live streams?

You receive a link to a private live stream on HOMEFIT Youtube channel. In the case of 1-on-1 training, you can use Zoom or any other service. 

Can I choose a preferred time slot or a trainer? 

In one-on-one sessions, you can choose when it is more convenient for you to train, and agree on a schedule with a chosen trainer.

I have health problems. Can I still sign up for a program?

If you have any health problems, it's better to consult a doctor. If training is permitted with some restrictions, please, notify the trainer.

Can I get a consultation before I pay for the program?

Of course! HOMEFIT offers free advice and assistance in choosing the right program and activity depending on your goals.

Can I pay for 1 session? What are the payment options?

Yes, you can pay for each class and combine different types of activity. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. 

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